Haggle, Haggle, Haggle, Let’s Make a Deal Already

Haggle, Haggle, Haggle, Let’s Make a Deal Already

Greetings Decorating Enthusiast,

The Team Santa Inc. Haggle program for artificial Christmas trees, string lights and lighted decorations is running simultaneously with our annual Christmas in July Sale. Now is the time to get huge discounts on everything we sell. Heck, if you don’t like the price, just tell us the price you want to pay, and we will consider your offer. We respond to everyone’s email promptly. Kindly send all haggle requests to support@teamsanta.com. We guarantee that we will do our best to offer you the lowest price we can on our selection of over 14,000 trees, lights and holiday decorations. Stop by one of our online stores and start saving $$$ right away.

Remember if you don’t like the price on our website – then we say go ahead and make us an offer that we cannot refuse.

Thank you to everyone who shops at our websites. We appreciate all your support.

Merry Christmas in July,
-Team Santa Inc.

Toll Free: 888-770-7372

Haggling on Team Santa Inc. Websites

Haggling on Team Santa Inc. Websites
Thank you for your interest regarding haggling on Team Santa Inc. websites.  As a rule, please always remember to send your haggle offers to support@teamsanta.com.As each day passes the holiday shopping season is one day closer. Therefore, in anticipation of the upcoming holiday decorating season, Team Santa Inc. is sharpening our pencils in anticipation of offering you some excellent savings.  If this is your first time on a Team Santa Inc. website, then you might want to continue to read this page. We offer you instructions on the topic of haggling plus some other tidbits of information.The process behind haggling on any of the Team Santa Inc. websites is always the same. If you see something you want to purchase, don’t be afraid to speak up and present your $$ offer to support@teamsanta.com. Please include all the products that you want to purchase at one time, the quantities and include the shipping address with your offer. A Team Santa Inc. representative will be in touch promptly to determine if we can “accept your offer”, “counter offer” or “no can-do offer”.

For informational purposes, haggling dates back thousands of years and is a synonym for the word “trading”. Many people have learned to enjoy the opportunity to wheel and deal to save time and money. It’s human nature to haggle and it can be a lot of fun too. Therefore, it would seem reasonable to expect after the past 10 years of economic uncertainty, the process of haggling would have further gained in popularity.

We Want to Make A Deal with You!  So, What’s Next?

We invite you to haggle at any time with Team Santa Inc. Please also tell your family and friends about the Team Santa Inc. haggle program too. There are so many people out there who enjoy haggling and not many stores willing to go out of their way to do it. Together, we can spread massive savings all over the world! 😎

It is very important to remember that for a deal to be a good deal it must be a good deal for all the parties involved. One-sided deals are not good deals.  Only when all the parties agree to the deal and are satisfied with the terms of the deal, can it truly be called a “good deal”.

Happy Haggling,

-Team Santa

Savvy Shopper Program – Using Good Judgment to Enhance Your Cash Position on a Daily Basis

Savvy Shopper Program, Using Good Judgment to Enhance Your Cash Position on a Daily Basis


Savvy Shopper Program, Using Good Judgment to Enhance Your Cash Position on a Daily Basis

Savvy Shopper Program is Team Santa Inc,’s most recent project announcement in the company’s continuing effort to make online shopping not only simpler but also more fiscally prudent. No “penny pincher program” here, but instead an attempt to use common sense and good fiscal practices to put yourself in a better cash position.

Savvy Shopper Program is a concept where saving money doesn’t always mean buying at the lowest prices. We are going to show you going forward exactly what we mean.

Remember, “stop, look and listen” that can be used for comparison,  but yet the Savvy Shopper Program is different. The Savvy Shopper Program emanates  from the new Team Santa Inc. layaway program which illustrates clearly how you can become an overall smarter shopper. You don’t have to SAVE money at a SALE to be a smart shopper. That is a huge misconception. The layaway program lets you make payments anytime you want. You can put down a deposit as low as $10 on your order for holiday string lights and/or Christmas decorations for Christmas 2018. Listen, i’m aware that we are talking 8 months here, but just watch how fast it comes. It will be here before you know it.  Putting yourself in a better cash position is absolutely one of the most important decisions you can make. Cash flow is defined by “having available cash” and it’s not always about saving money at a SALE. Team Santa’s layaway program is a perfect example. Paying off a bill over time can be a better option than to pay the bill all at once. It is not rocket science. Another good example would be where there is no need to fill your car with gas, when the gas tank is already three quarters full. It just doesn’t make fiscal sense to do things like that. The Savvy Shopper Program from time to time will provide content via this website that you can use to put yourself in a better cash position.  Please follow @Teamsanta. and you will always be kept up to date on all of our suggested practices designed exclusively to enhance your cash position.

Until we get a chance to meet again, I wish you all the best. Please remember to always use good fiscal practices. You will have more CASH on a daily basis. There is much more to come.

Have a GREAT holiday!

-Team Santa Inc.              www.teamsanta.com

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