New LED Nativity Manger with Holy Family Included $299 Delivered

Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –

Welcome back to our continuing series of blog posting related to decorating for the holidays. Today I want to show you our new LED Holy Family with Manger. Wow, wait till you see this decoration up close. It will absolutely blow your mind. The LED lights are M5 mini lights that are wonderfully bright when lit. The shape of the frame is contoured with excellence. All the design details‎ are stellar. You can see these decorations from a mile away glowing in the night. Order now and get it for $299 with free shipping, where the product is delivered to your door. This is one time deal that really deserves consideration as the lighted decoration won’t be around for long after this post. 😎

Order the LED Lighted Holy Family

Outdoor LED lighted Christmas decorations that can be used indoors. The LED lights don’t get warm so that makes the decorations appropriate for indoor use. This opens up a whole new visual standard, because the lighted decorations can be used in merchandising displays. The decorations are so colorful and bright. The LED lighted Holy Family w/ Manger is truly is an amazing Christmas decoration. That’s all I have for now. I will be back tomorrow with another product that will surely amaze. Have a wonderful day. We will see you again tomorrow. Thanks again!‎ 😎

Kindly Yours,

Rudy @ Team Santa Inc.

Team Santa Inc. Launches New Online Layaway Program Get up to 6 Months to Pay For Your Order

Team Santa Inc. Launches New Online Layaway Program Get up to 6 Months to Pay Spectacular Savings

Reaction to the Team Santa Inc. new “Layaway Program” ‎has been terrific. Dozens of consumers have already taken advantage of the convenience related to the payment process.‎ If you didn’t hear, the new Team Santa Inc.  layaway process is simple. Order your products by sending an email to In the email, list the products making up your layaway. Please also include the shipping address. We will send you an online invoice by email. Make your deposit by putting a minimum 10 percent down ($20 minimum) and then pay off your order when you want to.

All layaway orders must be paid in full and shipped by mid December.‎

‎After you make your 10% deposit (minimum $20) Team Santa Inc.‎ will assemble and pack your order, then store it for you until you are ready for it by completing the payment process. Payment totally simple. We use Paypal as our payment processor. What’s nice is that In addition to using your credit/debit card for payment, you can also make payment with a Pay Pal account if you have one. You will receive a very nice invoice that you can print out if you like. Get up to 6 months to pay.

We invite to come over and check out all the new string lights and Christmas decorations for 2018. We have over a thousand skus of artificial Christmas trees. Pre-lighted Christmas tree with LED lights is very populay. It total, over 14,000 holiday string lights, prelit, unlit Christmas trees and outdoor holiday decorations.

Thank you so much for reading. We hope to see you again soon!

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Team Santa Inc.

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Team Santa Websites Are Filled With Fundraising Opportunities

Team Santa Websites Are Filled With Fundraising Opportunities

Welcome Decorating Enthusiasts –

We invite non-profit organizations from various industries to contact us regarding your fourth quarter fund raising plans. Whether you need a BIG Commercial prelighted artificial Christmas tree or ten dozen unlit three foot Christmas trees, etc. We can absolutely help you. Not only trees, but exciting new LED Christmas lights and LED lighted outdoor decorations too. Now you can go ahead and build that awesome light park you always wanted. We’ll supply the lights and your non-profit organization will absolutely make money with our products.

You can trust that we will sharpen our pencils and work with you and your budget, to help make your fund raiser a huge success. Team Santa Inc. simply just loves helping others make money! That’s all there is to it.  Please give us an opportunity and we will provide you with the tools to make  money with your holiday fundraiser. Team Santa Inc. guarantees it!

​Please feel free to send us your feedback to

Happy Decorating!

Team Santa Inc.

TOLL FREE 888-770-7372

Buying A Giant Prelighted Artificial Christmas Tree 101

Buying A Big Prelighted Artificial Christmas Tree 101

Buying a large prelighted artificial Christmas tree has just become a heck of alot easier. has simplified the process for anyone looking to purchase a large Christmas tree for the home or commercial use.  Team Santa Inc. suggests that you are not impulsive about  purchasing a large artificial Christmas tree. It’s always a good idea to study all of your options, do your homework and look at the selection of Giant Christmas trees from more than one website. has a comprehensive collection of lit and unlit giant artificial Christmas trees starting at 10 feet and go all the way up to 40 feet. The website has over 1000 natural looking fake Christmas trees. Available in both prelighted with LED lights or unlit. You can have it your way at Plus our prices cannot be beat on BIG Artificial Christmas trees. Team Santa Inc. offers a price match guarantee to products of the same sold elsewhere.
Additionally,  Team Santa Inc. is happy to work with you on the price, delivery, etc. The Team Santa Inc. General Manager Sam Bartolo is always pleased to show you the latest and the greatest when it comes to realistic looking high quality artificial Christmas trees.  Please remember that Team Santa Inc. offers the buyer of the tree a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.‎ The best time to buy a big artificial Christmas tree is now!

Haggle, Haggle, Haggle, Let’s Make a Deal Already

Haggle, Haggle, Haggle, Let’s Make a Deal Already

Greetings Decorating Enthusiast,

The Team Santa Inc. Haggle program for artificial Christmas trees, string lights and lighted decorations is running simultaneously with our annual Christmas in July Sale. Now is the time to get huge discounts on everything we sell. Heck, if you don’t like the price, just tell us the price you want to pay, and we will consider your offer. We respond to everyone’s email promptly. Kindly send all haggle requests to We guarantee that we will do our best to offer you the lowest price we can on our selection of over 14,000 trees, lights and holiday decorations. Stop by one of our online stores and start saving $$$ right away.

Remember if you don’t like the price on our website – then we say go ahead and make us an offer that we cannot refuse.

Thank you to everyone who shops at our websites. We appreciate all your support.

Merry Christmas in July,
-Team Santa Inc.
Toll Free: 888-770-7372