Low Price Guarantee

Team Santa Inc. 2018 Price Match Guarantee

​Introduced for the first time in the 2018 holiday decorating season, Team Santa Inc. has yet unveiled it’s most recent new feature. Designed exclusively to provide the consumer with a Team Santa Inc. guarantee that includes our price will either meet or beat our competitors price when both products are online at the same time. You may submit a Price Match Guarantee on our entire selection of literally thousands of Christmas and holiday theme decorations. The only restriction that does apply, is that the competitor product must be online at the same time that the Team Santa Inc. product is online. Then Team Santa Inc. will match or beat the competitors price for the same product. Please send the competitor link to support@teamsanta.com along with the words “Price Match” in the subject line. Please include the amount you are willing to pay too. That’s all you have to do. A Team Santa Inc. support representative will be pleased to assist you from that point on.

Get great Team Santa Inc. customer service GUARANTEED at a lower, friendlier price tag than what you will pay at Amazon, Walmart, etc.Happy Decorating!

​Team Santa Inc.