Shatterproof ‎Plastic Christmas Ornaments in All Sizes, Shapes and Colors Looks Just Like Glass

Jumbo Unbreakable Christmas Ornaments

Jumbo Unbreakable Plastic Christmas Ornaments


“They look just like glass”. That’s the opinion of just about everyone who sees this incredible product. Shatterproof ‎plastic Christmas ornaments both matte and shiny in all sizes, shapes and colors.  “Team Santa Inc. has unbreakable, round, Christmas ornaments up to 16 inches in diameter.  Shatterproof plastic ornaments are ideal for high traffic areas that has decorating requirements. Decorate the Christmas tree with these handsome ornaments and the onlookers will think they are looking at glass GUARANTEED. If an ornaments falls off the tree or from the ceiling, just pick it up and hang it back up. It’s unbreakable plastic so broken ornaments no more. Awesome! 😎

Perfect for homes with children and/or pets. Rest assured that your loved ones will enjoy the holidays and not potentially get injured by a broken glass ornament. The “ornaments sold on are the absolutely the most sophisticated, most elaborate ornaments,  that I have ever seen”, said Newman Copelow, who is an industry analyst. The different shapes and sizes make the selection incredibly comprehensive.  A voluminous assortment, finialsteardropsonions, etc. has hundreds of shatterproof Christmas ornaments to choose from.

You want to hang ornaments from your ceiling? The jumbo size, lightweight plastic ornaments are perfect. If they fall from the ceiling, THEY WILL BOUNCE NOT BREAK.  The jumbo ornaments are so lightweight, which makes them versatile for use among your holiday display. If you haven’t visited a Team Santa Inc. Web Store this year, you don’t know what you are missing. 8-(  Team Santa Inc. is your first and last stop for Christmas trees, Christmas lights, lighted outdoor decorations and these fantastic unbreakable ornaments.  This year’s product selection is bigger and better than ever before.‎ We are only a click away.  Until next time..
Happy Decorating!   😎
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Summer Sale on Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments Mini to Jumbo‎ Ideal For Use Anywhere


Summer Sale on Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments Mini to Jumbo Ideal For Use Anywhere

Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –

Welcome to another edition of the Team Santa Inc. News Daily. Today, we are going to look at the development of unbreakable shatterproof ornaments. Plastic Christmas ornaments that are perfect for commercial type applications, such as government buildings or other commercial type property, where you want to use products that are completely safe and won’t cause harm to passersby. A huge selection doesn’t hurt either.‎ Thousands of styles to choose from and the colors are absolutely gorgeous. You must come by to see for yourself.

Our most popular sellers are always our 8″ – 10″ and even 12 inch solid color unbreakable plastic ornaments. Ideal for most any type display. All year round, these ornaments are great for large Christmas trees where there is concern for safety. The fact that they are shatterproof makes them so appealing because they won’t break in somebody’s ‎ hand.

Another feature of these shatterproof plastic ornaments is the huge selection. Not only round ornaments, but all different shapes, colors, sizes and designs. The best part is that these unbreakable, shatterproof Christmas ornaments look more like glass than the real thing.

Old fashioned glass Christmas ornaments are still available, but because the plastic looks like glass and it won’t shatter. The glass manufacturers have become plastic manufacturers. Of course you can still purchase old world glass ornaments,the trend is definitely moving in the direction of the new shatterproof plastic ornaments. Come by a see the selection for yourself.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read our posts, Team Santa Inc appreciates all the support. Come visit our websites anytime you want. We’ll leave the key under the mat. 😎

Happy Decorating!
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DEAL014: Buy One Get One Free Large Gold Glittered Plastic Ornaments Pack of 2 Only $5.00

 DEAL014: Buy One Get One Free Large Gold Glittered Plastic Ornaments Pack of 2 Only $5.00


Deal 014: Buy One Get One Free Large Gold Glittered Plastic Ornaments Pack of 2 Only $5.00

Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –

We are back with a fantastic new DEAL 014 for your enjoyment. Today’s deal features a beautiful shatterproof, round, plastic ornament that is ideal for use when decorating a larger Christmas tree such as 10-foot tree. You can cover the tree using these gorgeous detailed ornaments. Each ornament is almost five inches in diameter and they’re shatterproof plastic too. Plus, they look exactly like glass.  Our promise to you is that these round ornaments look exactly like glass Christmas ornaments. No question about it.

Hang the gold ornaments anywhere you want but especially on a Christmas tree or garland. They would look awesome on a swag too. Like over the fire place. This ornament is perfect for just about any place you may want to use them.

Hanging ornaments from the ceiling can also have a celebratory impact on the banquet room. Event planners used these same ornaments at a political function last month. These ornaments are absolutely beautiful whether you hang just one ornament, or you are hanging one hundred ornaments.

With this BOGO SALE OFFER, buy one and get one free, this is a great opportunity for everyone who wants Cheap Christmas decorations to save $$.  The price at $5 is below wholesale pricing. So, go enjoy and until we meet the next time it’s Happy Decorating!

Team Santa Inc.