LED Lighted Indoor Outdoor Easter Eggs are Wonderfully Versatile Easter Decorations

LED Lighted Indoor Outdoor Easter Eggs

LED Lighted Indoor Outdoor Easter Eggs are Wonderfully Versatile Easter Decorations

Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –

Welcome back to Team Santa Inc. E News. We are currently in the process of introducing our delightful selection of indoor outdoor lighted Easter Decorations Today we have the coolest little decoration. Allow me to introduce the LED lighted Easter Egg. You can have the Easter Egg in any color you want, providing we have the color string lights. The lighted Easter Eggs are ideal to stick in the lawn or garden outside your home or business. They look great in traditional gardens among the different plants. Also ideal, is the fact that they are only 16 inches tall which makes them perfect for hanging them in your window, door, railing, deck. The lighted Easter Egg has LED string lights pre-installed on the decoration with your choice of color lights. The Eggs are lightweight, so there is no concern related to whether the Egg is too heavy to hang or not. This specific lighted Easter Egg weighs approximately 2 lbs, so the Egg will hang with an ordinary suction cup. Each one of our lighted Easter Eggs is made proudly right here in the USA. They are all made of powder coated steel, with each frame painted a gloss white. The clips and the string lights are also white, so the decoration looks good in the day as it does at night. The LED light bulbs last a LONG time. However, if you do encounter a burned out bulb, we do include spare bulbs with the product so just replace the bad bulb with a good bulb and you’ll be all set. Plus if you need bulbs in the years to come, just email us and we will send them to you. Make sure the. Easter Bunny is able to find your house on Easter Sunday with a one or several of these lighted Easter Eggs. Mix and match colors is an awesome idea for any Easter Decorations display. Until next time..

Happy Decorating! ūüėé
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Colorful LEDS Ignite the Lighted Spooky Spider Crawling in a Web Halloween Decoration Your Best Offer


Colorful LEDS Ignite the Lighted Spooky Spider Crawling in a Web Halloween Decoration Your Best Offer

Greetings Decorating Enthusiast –

Welcome back to our continuing series of blog posts designed to educate and entertain our Internet users with the Team Santa Inc. News Daily. We want to say thank you to all the people who have become frequent users of both our blog and online stores. They say “things are out there in the blogosphere”. Well this little piece of the blogosphere belongs to Team Santa Inc.

So now that’s straightened out, have you visited our selection of lighted Halloween decorations yet? Today, we are going to look at the “Lighted Spooky Spider Crawling in a Web Halloween Decoration“. Colorful LEDS ignites the steel white frame with a colorful showing of light that’s both bright and colorful. This Halloween Decoration is also big with measurements of 46″ x 61”. You get a lot of lighted decoration in exchange for the money that you spend.

The LED stringlighting is so meticulously clipped to the frame that there is absolutely zero assembly, aside from plugging it in. We are so sure that you will enjoy this product that we offer a money back guarantee. So as the customer, you are not exposed to no risk.

Use this creepy lighted Halloween decoration either indoors or outdoors. Looks great inside a FUN house.¬† That just gave me an idea. Gotta go early, I’ll see everyone tomorrow. Enjoy your day.‚Äé Every day is one day spookier than the last.¬†¬†ūüėé

Happy Decorating!

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