Decorators Save 25% Off At The String Lights Store With The Snowy Coupon Sale

Decorators Save 25% Off At The String Lights Store With The Snowy Coupon Sale 

Greetings Decorating Enthusiast –

This weekend through Monday you can SAVE a SNOWY 25% off on all LED string lights and replacement bulbs.‎ The coupon code is “SNOWY” (no quotes, parenthesis, not case sensitive) and it expires Monday, January 28, 2018 at 11:59pm. LED string lights not included in your display? The following link points to our incandescent string lights selection instead. The very same sets mom and dad had when we were kids. Manufactured for over 75 years. Also referred to as “old fashioned Christmas lights“. All string lights at the String Lights Store are on sale this weekend until Monday 01/28/19 at the Team Santa Inc. String Lights Store exclusively. You get  25% off coupon code by typing “SNOWY” (no quotes, parenthesis, not case sensitive) during the checkout process. The 25% off discount coupon expires Monday January 28, 2018 at 11:59pm. Don’t wait! 

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Hagglefest At Team Santa Inc. Online Stores is an Amazing Shopping Experience. Convenient and the Staff Are Really Nice


Hagglefest At Team Santa Inc. Online Stores is an Amazing Shopping Experience. Convenient and the Staff Are Really Nice

Welcome back to the Team Santa Inc. News Weekly. We hope your 2019 has started off just the way you want it. Team Santa Inc. wishes you health and happiness in the new year. This week we launched Hagglefest. Team Santa Inc. wants to make a deal with you. We currently have three web stores filled with over 16,000 Christmas trees, holiday string lights,‎ outdoor lighted year round holiday decorations shatterproof plastic ornaments up to 16 inches in diameter. Plastic ornaments that are unbreakable and look exactly like glass. You will not be able to tell the difference. The price is low too. This is the perfect time to buy because everyone is submitting Haggle requests and Team Santa Inc. is making lots of deals. You are able to make secure payment with a debit/credit card and/or a PayPal account if you have one.‎ We send an secure online invoice to your email address. Its super convenient because its quick and easy! So go ahead and “make us an offer that we just can’t refuse”. We promise to give you the BEST DEAL we can. So come on over and let’s make a deal! Until next time….

Happy Decorating!  😎
Team Santa Inc.


The Monster Is Back! Weekend After Christmas Sale Event

Monster After Christmas Sale Event

The Monster Is Back! Weekend After Christmas Sale Event

Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –

Welcome ‎to the Team Santa Inc. News Daily Final Post of 2018. We hope that you had a good year. If not, then next year will likely be better. So what’s all the clammer about? The MONSTER  is back and he is hosting our BIG AFTER CHRISTMAS SALE on all three Team Santa Inc. websites. ‎ Deals that are absolutely INSANE. No kidding around, just wait until you see what he has in store for you. Our annual Monster After Christmas Sale Event  is underway. You might as well forget the coupon (frosty) and go directly to HAGGLE.  If you see a product that interests you, simply send a haggle request by email to ‎‎.  Kindly remember to include the word “haggle” (no quotes) on the subject line. In the body of the message, please include the item number, the product’s name and the dollar amount that you are willing to pay for it. Please take into consideration the cost for shipping. The Team Santa Inc. MONSTER will run the numbers and come back to you and either accept your offer, counter it, or inform you that the product is sold out for the remainder of the 2018 season. This is where we get serious. This post is actually, silent, advanced notice of something very BIG to come. So big, that you will want to bookmark your favorite Team Santa Inc. website(s), so that you will be ready to go and get the absolute lowest possible prices anywhere! The Team Santa Inc. BIG SALE EVENT is going on this weekend, so come on over and check it out.‎ We are so excited to see you!

Until we meet again, happy new year and….

Happy Decorating! 😎

Team Santa Inc.

Annual Monster After Christmas Sale



Annual Monster After Christmas Sale

Thank you for joining us at our Annual Monster After Christmas Sale. You will be pleased to learn, that we have lowered prices on almost everything we sell. Every product has been reduced up to 50% off. Save an extra 15 percent off every single item by simply using the coupon code “frosty”, during the checkout process. Spend $75 and get FREE GROUND SHIPPING too! ​Get the lowest prices on everything we sell. If the price is still not low enough, take advantage of our Haggle Program and make us an offer we can not refuse. We still offer our Low Price Guarantee. We will beat all competitor pricing guaranteed! That means prices lower than Amazon, Walmart, Lowe’s, etc., while at the same time never sacrificing the outstanding customer service that you have come to expect at a Team Santa Inc. web store. The new coupon code is “frosty”. Just enter it at checkout to save BIG.  Our Monster After Christmas Sale will continue until January 2nd, 2019. Should you need assistance at anytime, please send email to

Happy Decorating! ​8-)

Team Santa Inc.
Toll Free 888-770-7372‎

Sale 25% Off LED Lighted Wreaths up to 10 Foot Tall, Sale Already in Progress

Sale 25% Off LED Lighted Wreaths up to 10 Foot Tall, Sale Already in Progress
Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –
Your place must be totally decked out. The beautiful Christmas tree, holiday lights, lighted outdoor decorations. It looks great right? Yeah, except for the wreath. Where’s the wreath? Did you hang a wreath? If you don’t have a wreath, then DEAL #2 for you.
Deal #2 is 25% OFF all wreathsboth lighted and unlighted ON SALE 25% OFF.  Spend $75 and get FREE GROUND SHIPPING. You can have your order shipped overnight, 2 day service or 3 day service upon request.‎ Simply use the special new coupon code called “berry” during the cart’s checkout process, then press the apply button for an INSTANT 25% SAVINGS
Wreaths With Lights Wreaths Without Lights

Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity for you to get an awesome looking wreath with high tech LED mini lights pre-installed. Your neighbors will wonder where you got such a cool looking Christmas wreath. All sizes and colors of wreaths are all on sale now @ 25% OFF regular price.

Do you know why we hang wreaths during the holiday season?
In Christianity, the Christmas wreath has been used since early in the 19th century to symbolize Christians belief in Christ and was initially created from fresh evergreens. The word ‘wreath’ is derived from an English word meaning to twist, such as in a circle. Some believe that initially wreaths were hung on doors in Ancient Rome to represent victory in battle.
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Send questions to

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Most deliveries take place 4-7 business days after the order is placed.  Offers only good while supplies last.

Annual Team Santa Inc.  Holiday Display Contest

Annual Team Santa Inc. Outdoor Lighted Holiday Display Contest
Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –

Welcome to the Annual Team Santa Inc. Outdoor Lighted Holiday Display Contest. We are so excited about seeing your lighted holiday decorations and incredible lighting displays. 
It’s never been easier to take a photo these days. Just submit photos(s) of your holiday display and show us who has the BESTand BRIGHTEST lighted holiday display in America‎.
Please send your photos attached to an email message and send it to can send up to 4 photos for each email entry. Please include your first name and state where you reside in the message part of the email.
The top 5 winners will receive the following cash prizes:
First Place – $100 CASH
Second Place – $50 CASH
Third Place – $25 CASH
Fourth Place – $15 CASH
Fifth Place –  $10 CASH
Members from Team Santa Inc. will review the submitted photos and select, in their opinion, the top five lighted holiday displays of 2018. If you think your holiday display has what it takes to win, then send us photos of your holiday display to enter the contest.‎ The last date to submit your photo(s) is December 23, 2018.
AFTER CHRISTMAS SALE GOING ON NOW! Our post season sale is going on this very minuteSave 15% OFF everything on our three websites. The coupon code is frosty (no quotes). Enter the coupon code during the checkout process and then press the “apply” button. The screen will refresh and you will see that 15 percent has been deducted from your order total. Our deepest discount of 2018 is happening now. Spend $75 and getFREE ground shipping inside the continental USA.
Add to your address book to prevent Team Santa Inc. email messages from ending up in your spam folder. Just click hereto sign up to receive these offers by email.  Remember, you have until December 23, 2018 to submit your photo entryOffer valid for US residents. No other rules or restrictions apply. We just can’t wait to see your photos.
Until next time…. Happy Decorating! 😎
Team Santa Inc.
Deliveries take place 4-7 business days after the order is placed.  Offers only good while supplies last.

Get a CRAZY Holiday Decorations Display for ZERO money down – only 23 days until Christmas


Get a CRAZY Holiday Decorations Display for ZERO money down – only 23 days until Christmas

Wow! Where did the Fall season go? It’s December already and holiday decorations are lighting up all over the world.Are you decorating for the holidays like your neighbors?  If you answered no, you need to keep reading because we have important information to share with you. Our websites have everything you want to deck the halls for the holiday season. There is still plenty of time to decorate and we have all the best when it comes to prelighted artificial Christmas treesoutdoor lighted Christmas decorationselegant shatterproof Christmas ornaments and tons of Christmas lights.


If you would like some financial help, we are pleased to announce a new program. Here’s how it works, you place an order for only $99 and get and 10% off + FREE SHIPPING and then, you don’t have to make a payment until Spring of 2019. Get an awesome holiday display right now for ZERO money down.Absolutely no $$$$ out of pocket costs. A quick 5 minute approval process and you may be offered an instant, reusable line of credit during the checkout process. PayPal Credit is a credit line that gives you the flexibility to get what you want now and you can pay when the weather gets warmer next Spring in 2019. Then, you can most likely refinance the note again and make small monthly payments until the end of the year 2019. Sign up by visiting our how to pay page and select option number two. You can also send an email directly to with a list of the products you want to purchase and we will gladly help you with the order process.

We hope you enjoy PayPal Credit’s promotional financing offer of ZERO interest when paid in full in 6 months on orders of $99 or more. Sounds like a good investment and it will not cost you a dime until the Spring of 2019.     

Until next time….  Happy Decorating!  😎

Warmest Wishes,

Team Santa Inc.     😎


Please allow 7-8 days for delivery. Offers only good while supplies last.

Brilliant LED Lighted Peace on Earth Sign Lowest Price of the Year


Brilliant LED Lighted Peace on Earth Sign At The Lowest Price of the Year


To place your order send an email to and in the subject just enter the part number701POEC and the name of the product. In this case, the brilliant LED Lighted Peace on Earth Sign. It’s not necessary to add anything else to the email, unless you have special instructions for us. Then go ahead and send the email message to Team Santa Inc. We will respond by sending you secure Paypal invoice to your email address for the product(s) that you want to order. Follow the instructions that are included in the email that you receive that links to the invoice and you will be able to make a SECURE online payment. Once payment process has been completed, your order, including your shipping information, will be sent electronically to the packing and shipping department, who will ultimately ship out your order. We ask that you please allow 7-8 business days for delivery.


Want to see this product online? Click here


Want to see products just like it?  Click here


Exclusive: The 15 percent off coupon is holly and HAS BEEN EXTENDED to Wednesday 11/28/18 11:59 pm. Remember, orders that are $75 get FREE shippinginside the continental USA.


Important: You can’t get this or any other new exclusive incentive, unless you receive promotional email from Team Santa Inc.


Should you have any questions before or after you place an order, please send those inquiries  to A Team Santa Inc. representative  will contact you shortly thereafter.


Until next time… Happy Decorating!  😎


Warmest Wishes,


Team Santa Inc.
Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. Offers only good while supplies last.



Shatterproof ‎Plastic Christmas Ornaments in All Sizes, Shapes and Colors Looks Just Like Glass

Jumbo Unbreakable Christmas Ornaments

Jumbo Unbreakable Plastic Christmas Ornaments


“They look just like glass”. That’s the opinion of just about everyone who sees this incredible product. Shatterproof ‎plastic Christmas ornaments both matte and shiny in all sizes, shapes and colors.  “Team Santa Inc. has unbreakable, round, Christmas ornaments up to 16 inches in diameter.  Shatterproof plastic ornaments are ideal for high traffic areas that has decorating requirements. Decorate the Christmas tree with these handsome ornaments and the onlookers will think they are looking at glass GUARANTEED. If an ornaments falls off the tree or from the ceiling, just pick it up and hang it back up. It’s unbreakable plastic so broken ornaments no more. Awesome! 😎

Perfect for homes with children and/or pets. Rest assured that your loved ones will enjoy the holidays and not potentially get injured by a broken glass ornament. The “ornaments sold on are the absolutely the most sophisticated, most elaborate ornaments,  that I have ever seen”, said Newman Copelow, who is an industry analyst. The different shapes and sizes make the selection incredibly comprehensive.  A voluminous assortment, finialsteardropsonions, etc. has hundreds of shatterproof Christmas ornaments to choose from.

You want to hang ornaments from your ceiling? The jumbo size, lightweight plastic ornaments are perfect. If they fall from the ceiling, THEY WILL BOUNCE NOT BREAK.  The jumbo ornaments are so lightweight, which makes them versatile for use among your holiday display. If you haven’t visited a Team Santa Inc. Web Store this year, you don’t know what you are missing. 8-(  Team Santa Inc. is your first and last stop for Christmas trees, Christmas lights, lighted outdoor decorations and these fantastic unbreakable ornaments.  This year’s product selection is bigger and better than ever before.‎ We are only a click away.  Until next time..
Happy Decorating!   😎
Team Santa Inc.


Lanternfly Warning For Six States Can Infest Your Home Through Real Christmas Trees

Spotted Lanternflies Can Infest Your Home Through A Live Christmas Tree
    Spotted Lanternflies Can Infest Your          Home Through A Live Christmas Tree

Lanternfly Warning For Six States Bug Can Infest Your Home Through Real Christmas Trees

The spotted lanternfly could spoil many families’ holiday season, according to New Jersey agricultural expert Joseph Zoltowski, director of the New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s Division of Plant Industry, speaking to

Zoltowski says the tree-killing insect could potentially spread to homes by hiding in Christmas trees and leaving eggs to hatch. The spotted lanternfly, which is a native of eastern Asia, arrived in the U.S. four years ago in Pennsylvania and has spread throughout the eastern parts of the state.

The bug has recently been detected in three New Jersey counties—Hunterdon, Mercer and Warren. It is believed to spread by attaching itself and its eggs to vehicles carrying wood, landscaping materials and agricultural produce, which would include the bark and branches of Christmas trees. “They’re very hard to spot,” said Zoltowski.

A woman in Warren County, New Jersey, confirmed that she found lanternfly eggs attached to her Christmas tree once the insects hatched inside her home, according to Zoltowski. The expert said that there were two egg masses discovered in the bark, which are capable of storing as many as 30 to 50 eggs each.

Zoltowksi suggests that those planning to get a pre-cut Christmas tree should inspect every branch carefully for eggs and both live and dead insects before making a purchase of a live Christmas tree. Though the tree itself would only be killed by a large number of these insects, any presence of the bugs could spread in your home. “It’s a bad bug in that it could affect all types of agriculture,” Zoltowski said.

According to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture: “The Spotted Lanternfly adult is approximately 1 inch long and a half-inch wide at rest. The fore wing is grey with black spots and the wings tips are reticulated black blocks outlined in gray. “The hind wings have contrasting patches of red and black with a white band. The legs and head are black; the abdomen is yellow with broad black bands. Immature stages are black with white spots, and develop red patches as they grow.

“Adults and nymphs feed on phloem tissues of young stems with their piercing and sucking mouth parts and excrete large flies
quantities of liquid (honeydew) [which] facilitates the growth of sooty mold,” reports the department. Grape and apple growers in Pennsylvania are on high alert as female lanternflies are laying eggs for the following year, according to
American Agriculturalist.

“All lanternflies are in their adult stage right now, and females are laying eggs on hard surfaces such as trees, stones, fences, fence posts or vineyard posts,” according to American Agriculturalist’s report. “Spotted lanternflies have an apparent appetite for grapes, wine or juice, with 200 to 250 feedings per vine.”

For more information read The New Jersey Department of Agriculture guidelines on spotted lanternfly identification and reporting. Written by Jason Hall at